Model Driven Business Engineering (MDBE)

Speaker: Dr George Tsaramirsis
Title: Model Driven Business Engineering (MDBE)
Abstract: Modern business processes usually demand the utilization of a variety of business frameworks and methodologies in order to offer a concrete business solution. Many times, the use of such frameworks is imposed by clients such as governments or large organizations. However, models contained in such frameworks often lack formal semantics and clarity. Moreover, even if they describe the processes very analytically there is a risk of failing to take into account environmental factors like for example business culture. This may lead to inconsistencies between solutions, improper model selection or even modelling confusion. The maintainability, reusability and agility of such models tends to require manual work and it is vulnerable to human errors.
Software engineering used to experience similar problems and solved these by the introduction of a model driven based approach called Model Driven Architecture (MDA). This seminar proposes a transfer of concepts and logic from the MDA to a new framework for Model Driven Business Engineering (MDBE).


Offshore Industrialization of Service Delivery – Gains and Challenges

Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Messner
Title: Offshore Industrialization of Service Delivery – Gains and Challenges
Abstract: Successful offshoring is not merely a transformation in terms of delivery location, which in itself already involves many challenges. What is more, the transformation also affects the way functions are served in an industrialised fashion from centralised multi-client delivery centres, using standardisation and segmentation for the most efficient results. The benefits are challenged by switching from face-to-face communication to stringent documentation, using collaborative tools, adapting to other cultures, values, and aspirations.
Dr. Wolfgang Messner has been associated with India’s IT industry since 1998 when he was an expatriate project manager for Deutsche Bank in Bangalore. Later, he also spent a term as visiting faculty at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and recently completed three years as offshore delivery director for Capgemini in India. He holds a Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Kassel, an MBA from the University of Wales, and a Masters Degree in computing science from the Technical University Munich with studies at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He is the author of the books “Intelligent IT Offshoring to India” (Palgrave Macmillan 2010) and “Working with India” (Springer 2009).