Services, Servitisation and Service Science

Speaker: Mr Steve Street of IBM
Topic: Services, Servitisation and Service Science
Abstract: The seminar exams the key drivers behind the interest in 'Service Science' or 'Service Science Management and Engineering' (SSME) shown by corporations such as IBM, discussing how they are rooted in fundamental Global Shifts in Economic activity that have directly affected both nations and corporations and how, combined with the emergence of new technology opportunities and new problems rooted in  'complex service systems', these shifts are driving the need for 'new people' and skills and a new 'Science of Services'. The seminar will discuss where we are in the evolution of this 'new Science' and present a number of practical examples of activities that have taken place to address 'complex service system' problems, together with several examples of recent 'Service Science' research that begin to pose the question of how 'adoption' of research back into practice will take place, as well as discussing potential current and future directions for 'Service Science'.

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